Being a Tourism Information Officer

Every person in this world aspires to be a professional someday. Although every people’s dream job varies, they are people that were born to be teachers, engineers, doctors, and other jobs. But it takes a special kind of person to take the job of being a tourism information officer — the bliss of being able to talk and help new people in your area. Being a TIO brings a lot of experiences to you.

But what does it take for you to become a tourism information officer? What are the qualifications that you should have for you to be qualified in the position?

Being a tourist information officer, you got to have a pleasing personality, not only that you must have this addition to your repertoire:

Good Communication Skills

This is a must in this line of work. You got to have good communication skills and able to speak a second language, so you can communicate with various tourists from all over the world that is visiting your region or area. Communication skills are of importance since you are the one who is going to do all the talking and sharing of information.

Acquainted with the Area

Being an information officer, you have to know the place yourself. You have to know if where the vacation hotspots are, or they must go places in the region. Aside from that, you have to know the history of the place too, so you are knowledgeable about the place. Generally, you must know the place by your heart so that the information that you are not false.

People Person

You have good communicating skills then you should be good with interacting with other people too, especially the tourist that comes to visit your area.


The job does not necessarily mean that you must have formal documents or requirements. If you underwent any training or are willing to undergo training for this job, then you are fit for the job. Although, keep in mind that areas’ requirements vary from one place to another.

Aside from the training or being a trainee, you must have the skills to become a Tourist information officer truly.